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What is Mist?

Mist is an open-world, Action Role Playing Game with a dynamic combat style that is unique in the world of MMOs. The game contains core fighting and questing mechanics with a large influence from the Action RPG genre. The massive multiplayer world, and in-game player interactions are developed with main MMO systems in mind. Whether you love completing quests, raiding, player-versus player battles, or just exploring a world full of possibilities, Mist has you covered. Questing and raiding are fun, but has you covered. Questing and raiding are fun, but there's nothing quite like defeating another player in a contest of pure skill. PvP in MMOs is a time-honored tradition that remains pursuit for those with the iron will to master the mechanics of a game. Mist honors the devotion of players by employing awesome combat systems that go above and beyond the basics, offering competitive-minded players a rewarding place to test their mettle.

Mist offers five playable classes with unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses: Crusader: Crusaders are tenacious warriors sworn to service in exchange for a share of their god's celestial power. Armed with devastating melee weapons and an unshakable conviction, Crusaders charge fearlessly into battle with the knowledge that in death their valor will be greatly rewarded. Enchanter: Enchanters are gifted with natural psychic abilities and powerful, analytical minds. With dedication to honing their practice, they can be capable allies or deadly foes. Enchanters harness an impressive inventory of spells and illusions to manipulate the very fabric of reality and outsmart their opposition. Ranger: Rangers are skilled at harnessing the power of earthly divinity to manipulate the forces of nature. Rangers are never without their faithful mysterious canine companions. These adept martial artists are experts at master new weapons and fighting styles, frequently changing their tactics tomatch their opponents in combat. Shapeshifter: Taking the form of cunning natural predators and unexpected critters alike, above all else, Shapeshifters are masters of gaining the upper hand in any situation. Shapeshifters use forceful multi-target attacks and savage melee abilities to dominate the battlefield. Witch Hunter: Witch Hunters are trained to track and destroy evil with chilling accuracy and relentless cruelty Obsessed with eradication of the unnatural, these merciless assassins let nothing stand between them and their prey Witch Hunters go to great lengths to learn how to use their opponent's abilities against them, combining powerful ranged attacks with artful defensive spells to ward off enemies.

What character classes will be available in Mist?

What is the Mist token?

The MIST token will be used as the in-game currency. All in-game transactions will be related to this token including item purchases. Each in-game region items have varying prices and the economy will be managed by a finite amount of tokens.

Yes - Play To Earn! The in-game token is obtained in various ways:
• Killing monsters
• Completing quests
• Selling items in-game
• Selling NFTs in-game
• Farming in-game (through buying in-game farm real estate)
• Staking in-game (through buying in-game businesses)
• Farming outside the game (on our website or partners' websites)
• Staking outside the game(on our website or partners' websites)
• Buying on an exchange and sending to your in-game character

Can i earn Mist tokens by playing the game?

How do i purchase/earn NFT´s?

NFTs can be bought or sold in the in-game auction houses in main cities. Here, you can either buy or sell your NFTs (for the in-game currency and MIST native token).


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