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What is Mines of Dalarnia?

Mines of Dalarnia is an action-adventure game. Players mine and combine various in-game items, improving their skills and gear to unlock the MoD universe's secrets while fighting enemies and searching for rare relics and artifacts.



Delve into the unknown, dark mine, collect minerals and use them to upgrade the character through mining equipment and character attributes



Blending combat and dungeon crawling Mines of Dalarnia delivers a fresh new entry to the genre.



Dalarnia is abundant with resources for explorers and investors to discover and capture.


Gameplay is a 2D platformer where the player controls a character. The character comes equipped with a tool that they can use to break blocks to mine and also damage enemies. Each level is procedurally generated with hazards (enemies, falling blocks, traps) and resources (gold, silver, copper). The minerals that the player uses for upgrades/consumables are found inside blocks. Players collect them after breaking the blocks with their tools. The player can easily identify blocks that contain minerals.

Player Objectives:

The player must collect as many resources as they can without dying. They can then convert these resources into equipment upgrades, cosmetic skins, and consumables. Those resources may also enable them to purchase a wider variety of Mining Plots, which will help them expand their plot ownership business.

Player Limitations:

Health bar

Players are given a certain amount of health. When that runs out, their run is over. Health amounts can be increased by upgrading their character’s level.


On certain levels, this component slowly depletes over time. The player’s run ends when this occurs. Oxygen/light/heat/cooling amount can be increased by upgrading it in the menu section.

Find Oxygen (Terrestrial Mine), Oil (Darkness Mine), Wood (Ice Mine), and Coal (Lava Mine) blocks to break that refill your meters.

The theme of the system being used depends on the world player is on (Lava, Ice, Darkness, Terrestrial.)

Item Storage:

Players have a limited number of slots that hold resources player mines. When this is full, a player cannot collect any more items during that run. This can be increased by upgrading their Backpack. Players can also drop previously collected items to make room for additional items.

Mining Game Mechanics:

Fog of war

In the mines, players will not be able to see the fullscreen. Some of the screens will be blacked out, simulating darkness. Their light’s strength determines how far off in the distance they can see from the character’s position. The fog of war is not persistent.

General movement:

WASD keys/Virtual Joystick/Gamepad for left, right, and jumping movement.


Pressing a button space will cause the player to swing their pick in a designated direction.


Players will be able to jump 1 ‘tile’ height from a standstill. Jumping from a sprint will increase the jump height to 3.1 ‘tiles’ of height.


Pretty much every mining mechanic will have an attack effect on enemies.


This is mostly a passive attribute (adding more health.)


Collect pickups by walking over them. You will be able to drop/remove items through the backpack interface. Health/oxygen pickups will be consumed automatically when walking over them.


This mechanic counters the fog of war. The Player’s light strength will allow them to see further into the fog of war. The Canary is also a secondary light source that will enable players to see things on the screen further than the character’s light source can reach.


If a player dies or lets their oxygen/light run out before making it to an extraction point, then they lose a percentage of their loot collected during that run.

Mindless exploration or the unideal upgrade path for a player may not net them great returns on some levels.


Pacing should not be intense at first. Players should have a sense of exploration and freedom to choose their own path down into the plot. It’s up to them if they want to rush to mine more, potentially missing opportunities, and risking death. They can also run out the clock at their own pace and do things a bit more strategic and thorough.

How does the Mining Gameplay look in detail?

What types of mines are currently available in the game?

Taking gameplay and visual inspiration from the most popular adventure games, this game will delight player’s senses with a rich color palette, expansive backdrops, and bioluminescent accents that pepper the subterranean landscape. Players will have the option to explore four different Mines ‘types’, which includes:


A typical subterranean landscape chock-full of mining material but plenty of traps and environmental hazards exist. Could there be more to these Mines than what meets the eye? Ancient relics of bygone alien civilizations, perhaps? Don’t run out of oxygen!

Lava (Volcanic):

These Mines are dangerously hot, so don’t let your cooling system run out of juice. Dig too fast, and a burst of deadly magma might meet you.

Ice (Arctic):

Make sure your heating system stays running in these Mines, where plenty of relics have been lying frozen for centuries. The blocks are a bit harder to break through here due to the sub-zero temperatures.

Darkness (Toxic):

Take the Terrestrial-type Mines but make them darker and more dangerous. Make sure you have enough light to dig as fast and deep as you can here where greater risk equals greater reward.

Certain minerals can only be found in certain level themes to encourage players to mine all 4 types.

Collectible Minerals:

  • Scrap (Tier 1) - An assortment of junk and debris. Use it as a base to improve your gear and craft other items.
  • Falun Copper (Tier 2) - Copper that is commonly found in Terrestrial Mines.
  • Iron Ore (Tier 2) - Can be smelted to make useful tools.
  • Saganite Crystals (Tier 2) - A crystal made up of multi-colored shards.
  • Stellar Shards (Tier 3) - Made from shining and shimmering shards that eventually formed together.
  • Silver Nugget (Tier 3) - A chunk of pure silver. A precious metal is used for many purposes.
  • Valkrerite (Tier 3) - A gem that gives a purple glow. Its natural light helps some miners to navigate through the Darkness Mines.
  • Aquaryte Crystal (Tier 4) - This cluster of cool-colored crystals is usually formed in a body of water.
  • Ragnorite Gemstone (Tier 4) - A great source of nuclear power. It must be handled carefully, as it is highly radioactive.
  • Gold Nugget (Tier 4) - A chunk of pure gold. It is used more for displays of wealth than anything of particular use.
  • Pluto's Pearl (Tier 5) - A dark, translucent pearl that gives off with a dim purple light.
  • Kaleidoscopic Amber (Tier 5) - The light reflected from the gemstone creates many unique patterns and leaves most miners mesmerized.
  • Galaxy Geode (Tier 6) - Vibrant, colorful, and exceedingly hard to come across the mines. The sparkles it gives off are reminiscent of stars in the night sky.
  • Chromite (Tier 6) - A precious orb; its solid pink shine and polish make it a prized treasure among collectors.
  • Petrified Neon (Tier 6) - A distractingly bright yellow material that gives off a fair amount of light. Try not to stare directly at it.
  • Altas Stone (Tier 6) - A round stone that surprisingly holds great potential for producing durable tools.
  • Primsminium (Tier 7) - No matter how you hold it, this gem is always enveloped in brilliant color. A gem of beauty and high value.
  • Crystalized Plasma (Tier 7) - A crystal that exudes a beautiful glow. Found in the depths of the Lava Mines.
  • Frozen Magmatite (Tier 7) - Lava condensed and chilled to create this unique mineral. Despite being frozen, it's warm to the touch.
  • Void Pearl (Tier 7) - A pearl materialized from pure Darkness. A rare and volatile resource.

What type of minerals can i collect?

Are there any limitations in the free to play version of the game?

In Free Play, players do not obtain the essential minerals needed to upgrade their abilities beyond LvL 3.

Free-play users will not be able to mine in worlds other than Terrestrial, and they miss out on the opportunity to collect world-specific minerals.

In Free Play, players do not obtain essential minerals to generate a refinery.


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