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A Programmable 3D Multichain Metaverse


What is Matrix ?

Matrix World is a decentralized open virtual world that lets users interact with immersive 3D applications simultaneously running on different blockchains. The world consists of Lands, issued as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs), which permanently persist on blockchain networks such as Ethereum and Flow. Thus, Matrix Lands are tradable and transferable via blockchain networks and their owners retain complete control over the creations on their Lands. These Lands can be bound to a sandbox in the Matrix Network which has its own compute and storage resources. These resources allow landowners and creators to govern the visual appearance, inner properties, and lifecycle logic of the Land's creations, ultimately resulting in the production of an immersive 3D application that can operate in perpetuity in the Matrix World cyberspace.

In Matrix World, users can take advantage of standard 3D open-world features such as building 3D architectures, hosting virtual meetings, exhibiting digital assets (e.g., NFTs), etc., along with more advanced functionality such as creating and hosting 3D decentralized applications (DApps) using Matrix's built-in creator services and computational resources. These DApps include 3D games and 3D marketplaces, among others. Our ultimate goal is to create unlimited possibilities and opportunities in the metaverse by eliminating the boundary between blockchains and building a nextgeneration 3D open-world DApp platform on top of Matrix World.

The Matrix World technology facilitates the maintenance of identities across several blockchains. The system currently supports Ethereum and Flow, but it can easily be expanded to incorporate new blockchains as its persistent and consensus layers. Moreover, creators can also connect Matrix Objects to external smart contracts running on multiple blockchain networks. For instance, game developers and content creators can build a 3D Uniswap ATM by crafting its appearance and defining the action that invokes Uniswap's swap function in Ethereum.

Futhermore, they can place such an ATM in a virtual NBA Top Shot museum that features a 3D video gallery powered by the Flow network. In addition to blockchain networks, Matrix World can also connect to external services. In the first instance, we propose integrating NFT marketplaces on multiple blockchains such as OpenSea, Rarible, MyNFT, as well as storage protocols like IPFS and Arweave, and streaming services such as Twitch and YouTube.

To this end, creators can directly connect to the aforementioned services using both programmable 3D objects and API endpoints. Notably, the entire system is designed to be extensible, allowing for the continuous addition of new services to enrich the world. Matrix World's multichain connectivity enables the creation of unique immersive social networks. Users can experience a world with unlimited possibilities by connecting to multichain DApps and other resources. Matrix World will bolster interoperability among multichain DApps and streamline communication across several metaverses

Multichain Connectivity

Use Cases

Immersive 3D DApps

Matrix World's development tooling and programming language will allow users to develop immersive 3D applications. Creators can define 3D objects' shapes, attach materials and textures, create lighting, add transformation functions, attach scripted and AI-based behaviors, make payments, invoke external services, etc. The players can go into the 3D NFT buildings to check details such as textures. They can finish shopping in the immersive marketplace without external links, bring the NFT home, and use an auto construction code pack to see the NFT building auto-build on their Lands.

Programmable NFTs

Matrix World allows users to directly import 2D images, 3D models, videos, audios, and other multimedia NFTs into the 3D world with convenient functions. Each imported NFT will be transformed into a Matrix Object with an original appearance (e.g., a 2D image will be transformed into a 3D picture with a frame). Since all of the NFTs imported into Matrix World become Matrix Objects, creators can program the loaded NFTs to make them more functional. For instance, if the creator is a game maker, he or she can construct playable characters for a mini-game using Loot NFTs and create a mini-game using these characters. On the other hand, if the creator is an artist that knows about programming, he or she can convert a static image into an animation by applying a dynamic animating filter.

Cross-Chain Socializing & Trading

Matrix World is a metaverse space that connects multiple blockchain networks and services. It provides a place for different players from various blockchain networks to gather and meet.

Cross-Chain Conferences & Meetings

Matrix World's public social facilities and buildings can authorize people with identities from different blockchain networks to attend meetings and conferences. We believe cross-chain communications will be more productive than single-chain ones.

Cross-Chain Advertising

Brands that want cross-chain influence will find Matrix World to be the best fit for them. They can attract potential customers from multiple blockchain networks by posting advertisements in Matrix World's multichain visible public area.

Cross-Chain Trading

The Matrix World team will develop a mechanism to allow cross-chain trading and payment to increase the liquidity of the assets (e.g., NFTs and in-game objects) in the Matrix World

Matrix World is currently in the pre-alpha version. We are currently constructing public tools,services, and buildings such as universities and headquarters for famous companies. This will make our metaverse energetic and provide fully functional support for the community. We set up joint laboratories with different partners and help them get connected to the decentralized world

We plan to open up alpha testing of Matrix World to the community in 6 months, with more features and creator-friendly metaverse environment betas coming in 2023.

In Q2 2022, we will launch the alpha version of Matrix World along with a fundamental fast build toolbox and low code development platform to help users build the Matrix World metaverse. We will also present public service buildings for practical use, such as education, tourism, and social connection. The beta version is coming in 2023, and it will be officially launched in early 2024.

When will Matrix World be released?

Why should I participate in Matrix World? What are some highlights of Matrix World?

1. Matrix World is the first open virtual world project running on multiple blockchain networks simultaneously. The system now supports Ethereum and Flow, and we plan to incorporate more blockchain networks as its persistent and consensus layers.

2. The Matrix team has extensive experience with blockchain games, middleware, and the metaverse. Our game Cell Evolution won the Game Creativity Award at the First NEO Game Development Competition and successfully helped us establish close connections in the blockchain gaming world's first developer ecosystems. We also collaborated with ChainIDE, a cloud-based integrated development environment that provides online services in more than 185 countries. The Metaverse Bootcamp that we co-hosted incubated over 30 blockchain games and metaverse projects.

3. We are proud of the global developer ecosystem and partnerships that we have developed. Our official partnership with the Flow team makes Matrix World the first metaverse project in the Flow ecosystem. Furthermore, the Flow team plans to build a Flow headquarters in Matrix World. Many Flow blockchain projects, like CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shots, will eventually collaborate with Matrix World.


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