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What is Maticverse?

MATICVERSE is your gateway to the Baby Vengers multiverse! We have an NFT marketplace and Baby Vengers, a Player VS Environment battle card game. By holding $maticverse, you also get automatic airdrops every 60 minutes of $matic straight to your wallet!


BabyVengers Game

Game phase 1 will be the Baby Vengers PlayerVEnvironment battle card game. Using our 18 unique superheroes, we will have a variety of traits and rarities you can discover by minting them from our NFT crystals. Using these characters, you can level up by defeating villains, earn Maticverse rewards as you progress, all the while indulging in the immersive gameplay we have to offer. Battle through our amazing storylines!

Further down the line in Game phase 2 we will introduce PlayerVPlayer combat mode where users can battle their characters against each other. A mobile phone version of the game will also be released for iOS and Android.

Game phase 3 will be the introduction of a free roaming RPG game where users will be able to roam through the Baby Vengers Multiverse completing gripping quests! This will be launched for PC and game console platforms.

Nope, everything is automatic and rewards will be distributed every 60 mins.

Do I have to manually claim my $Matic rewards?

What is the recommended slippage for buys?

Base buy tax is 10% – 4% MATIC reward to token holders, 4% Marketing Fund, 2% added to LP ( Try increase the Slippage if failed)

Base Sell tax is 15% – 7% MATIC reward to token holders, 5% Marketing Fund, 3% added to LP.(Try increase the Slippage if failed)

What is the recommended slippage for sells?

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