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Gamium , developed in Web 3 and metaverse with a destiny : To create the first interconnected metaverse, making avatars fully interoperable.


What is Gamium?

Gamium is the first Social Engine of the metaverse. The Gamium metaverse builds the interactions needed to create and provide social features to the other metaverses. Gamium uses Socialize to Earn as a monetization model for users to obtain rewards from socializing within the Gamium metaverse. Gamium is powered by smart contracts to build a decentralized, trustless and open world. Our first human interface will be on a 2D website. In the near future we will launch other interfaces to access our social engine, such as VR.

We aspire to play a big role in this new era of digitalization Creating millions of jobs, rich human experiences, equal opportunities, and allow innovation to take off.

Gamium avatars are the keystone of our metaverse and social features An avatar is a mutable NFT describing the user. Think of it as a digital representation of the user at specific moments in time. When a user enters the Gamium metaverse, it will automatically mint an avatar NFT, with its associated unique id. This avatar can be modified as custom. The user can also add other NFT’s into his avatar - such as adding its cryptopunk collection. The avatar has social data linked to it, including user blockchains interactions, such as NFT’s and tokens activity, DAO’s participations and more. This social data is structured to provide useful social features. For example, a specific job of the metaverse may be ‘effective altruism researcher’ and the requisites for applying may be to have been a ‘DAO moderador’ for ‘1 year’ in a DAO with more than 500 avatars. Visualize a new metaverse needing to find this ‘effective altruism researcher. This metaverse probably does not have a big user base nor information from this user. Therefore, this metaverse has to rely on a social engine like Gamium to provide this social feature.

Gamium jobs is the job search platform of the metaverse

Avatars can apply to these job offers via a blockchain transaction. Each job has its name, description, remuneration, objectives and requisites.  We can also think as jobs from which the user is compensated only when certain tasks are achieved. For instance, a job may be ‘Louvre picture designer’, for which the user will have to create and mint picture NFT’s and will only be rewarded if the Louvre uses this NFT on any of its metaverse lands. Some of the properties are : 

- Public and verifiable user data
- Economic rewards via smart contract
- Possibility of having conditional rewards



Gamium is powered by smart contracts and two tokens $GMM and $MST

$GMM is the Gamium governance and medium of exchange token. $MST Metaverse Social Token is an utility and reward token in the heart of the Gamium economy.

The Gamium Social Engine has multiple benefits over traditional Internet social companies for content creators such as monetizing the content directly or to be paid for answering messages. In addition, It is also beneficial for content consumers, as they can earn rewards by supporting content creators or by moderating the Gamium platform. Finally, the underlying economic layer of the Social Engine work as a protective shield for its features making it harder for bots to attack the network.

Rewards are given to users for socializing within Gamium. Creating a totally new monetization concept called Socialize to Earn. Users can generate money through socialization, for example liking, commenting, or moderating our platform.  Gamium metaverse aims to create a healthy environment for the users to interact with. Our economy assures the creation of good quality content, interactions and the engagement of users

- Interact with good quality content

- Create good quality content

- Discover and support new creators

- Build healthy connections

- Help moderating the platform



Socialize to earn


GMM Token Summary

Total GMM supply will be of 50,000,000,000, with an initial price of $0.000225 and an initial supply of 2.54%

Total Supply 50,000,000,000

Initial Price $0.000225

Initial Supply % 2.54%

Initial Market Cap $285,750


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