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What is Facebook Horizon?

Facebook Horizon is a software, program or social platform for virtual reality where people can explore new places, play games and create communities. It was presented during the 2019 Oculus Connect, and its beta version was scheduled to be released in early 2020. The first week of March, Facebook started inviting some users to participate in a closed beta version of Horizon, with signed non-disclosure agreements (NDA's) included. Finally, on August 27th, some of the experiences of the first testers were finally made public and the closed beta application was opened. The next news about its release date to the final public, we will surely have them in the Facebook Connect on September 16, 2020.

Facebook Horizon is available for Oculus Rift and Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets, that is, exclusively for Oculus platforms, and you will have to sign up or link it through your personal Facebook profile. Currently the Horizon beta is only available by invitation, as it is in closed beta and is only accessible to those Oculus Quest and Rift users in the United States and Canada, but surely little by little more people will be able to enter and we will know soon its opening date to the general public. There is an option enabled on the official website to join the waiting list, which will be gradually deployed in other countries.

How to enter Facebook Horizon?

What can we do inside Facebook Horizon?

Horizon is based on the idea of a living city, and to be alive, it needs inhabitants, citizens. It is sandbox-like so there are no defined rules and it is a space for social interaction and creation. Users can interact with each other and with the environment and even create their own personalized virtual spaces and invite other users to discover them. These spaces can contain collaborative or competitive mini-games, or even escape rooms. At the moment, Horizon allows virtual meetings of up to eight users in the beta phase, but it is expected that this number will increase so that it can become a massive space that brings together many more users at the same time. To enter this virtual world and start interacting we have to take a first step: create our virtual avatar.

To create our virtual self within this world, we will customize an avatar. It is up to us if we want to make it look like our real self, or if we want it to look completely different. The program has enabled some customization options so that everyone's individuality can be expressed in their avatars, but as it is still a non-final version, the options are limited. Among them we can choose from several options for body style, skin tone, face shape, style and color of hair and eyebrows, eyes, nose and mouth and of course, clothing. Of course, our avatars only have the upper part of the body, so it will not be necessary to decide on pants or skirts, or shoes. One of the curiosities of Facebook Horizon's virtual avatars is that they come with predefined animations based on our gestures or movements. For example, if we raise our thumbs upwards, our facial expression will change to a state of emotion, while if we do it downwards our virtual features will put a grimace of displeasure.

Create your own avatar in Facebook Horizon

Create your own world in Facebook Horizon

or the most creative players and makers, Facebook will provide us with an option, the "world creator", a series of tools with which we can create new areas to our aesthetic taste that will allow us to create buildings, game arenas or paradisiacal sites, without any programming knowledge being necessary. For this purpose, tutorials will be available and there will be assistance from the community. In fact, all Horizons worlds have been created with these same tools. As a Facebook Horizon creator, you can create new worlds and, through Build Mode, build objects and add sounds in those worlds. Only the creator of a world can: Publish and unpublish the world. Add and remove collaborators to build the world together. Duplicate the world and everything in it. Delete the world. To create a new world: From the menu on your wrist select the 3-line button that displays the Main Menu and select the "CREATE" option. Select the option Templates> Select new project. An empty world will start loading for you. Switch to build mode by pressing the right joystick down and selecting the build icon. When you first enter an unpublished world, it will be in preview mode. This means that you cannot edit it, and you can move around in the same way as you would in the rest of Horizon. Preview mode is how others will see and interact with your world once it is published. To create or make any edits to your world, you must make sure you are in create mode.


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