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Created by Josie Bellini, CyberBrokers is a series of 10,001 on-chain NFT


What are Cyberbrokers?

Created by Josie Bellini, CyberBrokers is a series of 10,001 on-chain NFT collectibles that provide membership and access to different kinds of metaversal experiences. Every CyberBroker is a piece of art in its own right and has varying traits and accessories.

CyberBrokers are stored entirely on the Ethereum network. The art is composed of SVGs, a human-readable, text-based file format that allows for specifying the positions, colors, and shapes to be drawn. These SVG files are broken down into components, compressed, and stored as individual layers on Ethereum. The CyberBrokers art can then be reconstructed directly from the assets using an on-chain transcoder. CyberBrokers metadata will also be stored on-chain, and a cached image of the compiled CyberBrokers will be stored via IPFS for seamless integration into existing marketplaces.

What does it mean that Cyberbrokers are "fully on-chain"?

Who is the team behind Cyberbrokers?

Josie Bellini - Previously in finance, she left that world to join the cultural revolution of crypto. Josie has been creating art that tells the story of the crypto ecosystem since 2017. She has exhibited in virtual worlds and at major blockchain conferences like Consensus, NFT NYC, and Satoshi Roundtable. In 2020, she created an art piece and metaverse puzzle which brought together leading projects Neon District, CryptoKitties, Axie, Cryptovoxels, SuperRare, Age of Rust, and OpenSea to create an immersive and interactive metaverse experience. Her work has been sold at Christie's and Sotheby's, featured on Obama.org, and sells on OpenSea, Nifty Gateway, and Async Art. Josie is the creator of CyberBrokers and MirrorWare.


Ben Heidorn - Ben is a blockchain engineer, game developer, and programmer with 14 years' professional experience, ranging from cosmic ray detection, corn and soybean yield analytics, to experimental Linux-based security modules. He is the CTO of Blockade Games and a co-creator of Neon District, Plasma Bears, Pineapple Arcade, and Ledger of Szabo. His games have been featured by Coindesk, Bitcoin Magazine, and ONE37pm, and he has spoken about his work at Pocket Gamer Connects, Ethereum Denver, and NFT.NYC.

Christopher Chapman - Chris began his career over 20 years ago as a co-founder of the interactive agency responsible for one of the world's first 500 websites and building one of the first internet E-Commerce stores in 1996. Since then, he's produced award-winning works for many deeply diverse organizations ranging from Universal Pictures and Hasbro to Hewlett-Packard and Motorola to Ore-Ida and ConAgra to Disney and DiC Entertainment. He even has a watercolor painting hanging as part of a permanent exhibit in Yellowstone National Park's Norris Geyser Basin Museum.

Azamat Khairov - A digital artist with a passion for drawing. While working as a painter and interior designer through school at the Pedagogical University in Ufa, Azamat’s love of creating art only grew. After he finished school he found a successful job in advertising. Throughout his ten years working as a graphic designer, motion designer, directed commercials and animation. Most recently he collaborated with Josie to create the art within CyberBrokers.

Most NFTs only store partial data on-chain: the token ID and a URL that points to the token's metadata. Some NFTs may store additional information on-chain, such as metadata and traits metadata, all the way to storing the art entirely on-chain. Only a few projects currently store the full art and metadata on-chain, including Avastars, Aavegotchi, and Loot.

Why does it matter that Cyberbrokers are "fully on-chain" ?

How much will each Cyberbroker cost to mint ?

  • Each CyberBroker will cost 0.35 ETH.


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