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What is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world built on the Ethereum blockchain. Players in Cryptovoxels can create avatars, buy land (parcels), and build art galleries and stores. This virtual reality allows users to socialize, attend events, and trade unique items (NFTs).

The city in Cryptovoxels is called Origin City, which has streets that are owned by The Corporation. The parcels are owned by individual people. Everybody can buy a parcel with Ether and build on it. The parcel owners are able to add and remove blocks (voxels) and features on their parcels. They can also make their parcel a so-called sandbox parcel, which makes it free for anyone to build on.

Everybody can explore the world even without an Ethereum wallet or a parcel. However, if you want to go try building, there are three options. One, purchase a parcel of your own and build on it. Two, build on one of the available sandbox parcels. Or three, use a space! Free editable non-grid space. And since building can be completely done in the browser, you don’t need any coding skills in Cryptovoxels.

Cryptovoxels is a virtual world built by Nolan Consulting, an independent game developer based in Wellington, New Zealand.



Nolan Consulting Limited


New Zealand

Founding date : April 1st, 2018. e-mail :  ben@cryptovoxels.com


Who created Cryptovoxels?

Is Cryptovoxels a VR? What can parcel owners do?

Cryptovoxels has Virtual Reality support. You need to use a VR compatible browser, and it's all a bit basic at the moment, but you can explore. We're working on making it better. 

Parcel owners can build on their parcel. They can add and remove blocks (voxels) and features on their parcels. They can also make their parcel a sandbox parcel, which makes it free for anyone to build on.

Features include things such as audio, buttons, images, voxel models, text, polytext (3D text), and gifs.

Powered by Babylon.js

Cryptovoxels uses babylon.js for high performance rendering in the browser.

You can explore the world even without an ethereum wallet or a parcel - just go straight to play and see what you find.

If you want to try your hand at building, you have three main options:

  • Purchase a parcel of your own and build on that
  • Build on one of the available sandbox parcels
  • Use a space! Free editable non-grid space - under your account settings

Building parcels is done completely in the browser, you don't have to use your coding skills, just click to place blocks and build your parcel.

Buying your own parcel

You can buy a parcel from OpenSea. Once you own a parcel:

  1. Make sure you have metamask unlocked and then click sign in above
  2. Go to your parcel from the parcel list and click visit
  3. Press tab to bring up the menu, go to the blocks tab, and select a block
  4. You should now be able to click and shift click to start building

You need to see your parcels under 'my-account' before you can start editing.

How can I get started?

Can I resell my property?

Yes, you can resell your property using OpenSea.


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