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What is Crypto Cars World?

Crypto Cars World is a video game based on NFT Blockchain technology, inspired by Need For Speed or Gran Turismo, in which players compete in races within circuits where the fastest is the winner. You can choose to be a mechanic, a racer or... ¡¡BOTH!!

All users, the first time they register, will receive a garage and a completely free vehicle to try the Crypto Cars World experience. With this free vehicle you will be able to generate rewards.

This free vehicle will be limited to 30 races. Once the limit is reached, you will have to buy a new vehicle.

CARS is the acronym for the Crypto Cars World token. You can earn it by farming or racing in competitive mode.

Each user has a free garage with capacity for two cars. You are also provided with a basic car to enter the racing world. You can farm in your free garage, but they won't be able to take care of your cars. The player must buy one of the garages available in the marketplace so that the vehicles take care of him.

To get CARS you can buy them at Pancakeswap or by exchanging RC for CARS within the game.

Official contract: 0x1228Fb5eF4C98CaBd696Ba1BD4819e050389D21A



At Crypto Cars World there are 5 types of garages:

  • Free: 2 places (private).

  • Storage room: 2 places.

  • Garage: 5 places.

  • Warehouse: 10 places.

  • Industrial warehouse: 15 places.

Vehicles Vehicles produce RC while stored in garages, whether public or private.

Once a week, the RCs produced by the cars can be clllected. At this time, there are different categories of cars which get a different RC.

  • Special

  • Super Sport

  • Classic

  • Sport

  • Basic

Within the special category, there will only be 1 unit in the entire game. The first Special cars will be sold in auction mlde that will last 7 days.







  • Official Name "Crypto Cars World" ✔️

  • Creation of WhitePaper y RoadMap ✔️

  • Official launch of the website. ✔️

  • First presale of vehicles. 08/31/2021 ✔️

  • Second vehicle presale 05/09/2021✔️

  • Third vehicle pre-sale 06/09/2021✔️

  • Fourth vehicle pre-sale (Soon) (In CARS)

  • Special presale of donors 24H (In BNB)

  • Token creation : 0x1228Fb5eF4C98CaBd696Ba1BD4819e050389D21A ✔️

  • Token audit ✔️

  • Airdrop

  • First presale of the CARS 2,5M token ✔️

  • Listing of the token in Pancake Swap and other exchanges ✔️

  • Marketplace aperture

  • Concessionaire aperture

  • Farming aperture (Alpha private)

  • Listing on Twitch ✔️




  • Opening of farming mode (Alpha + Beta Public)

  • Car rental system (Scholarships)

  • Token Burning and Staking

  • Game mechanics with keyboard, controller and steering wheel

  • 3D PVE game launch

  • First season championship

  • Launch of special first season packs (Christmas, Halloween ...)

  • PVP launch

  • PVP launch STEAM






  • Open world racing

  • Game modes on request of users

  • Community created circuits



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