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What is CryptoAvatars?

CryptoAvatars is a platform that allows avatar creators to mint single-edition Avatars. Each Avatar is tokenized as a unique non fungible token on the Ethereum blockchain and Matic L2 providing long lasting value to they work

Every avatar on CryptoAvatars is a non fungible token(NFT). A digital asset that cannot be repeated, making it unique. Since the token is stored on blockchain it can be traced to check the original creator and the current owner. This a very trustworthy way to prove your virtual identity across the Metaverse, impersonation can be spotted faster. So you just can trade you Avatar once, to one collector creating scarce and exclusive value

Why has it value?

Where is the Avatar file stored?

CryptoAvatars files are stored using a decelentalized storage system called IPFS and Pinata. This makes CryptoAvatars files very persistant. In the unfortunate case that CryptoAvatars team dissapeared your files will remain stored and accesible to you for a long time. We're committed to persistence, so in the future we'll be looking for even more persistent solutions

Yes, all the trades are done with Ether, the native currency of the Ethereum blockchain. If you don't have any Ether you can buy on Coinbase or Crypto.com and transfer it to your Metamask account

Do I need cryptocurrency to buy avatars?

What technology is behind CryptoAvatars?

CryptoAvatars is a smart contract for non-fungible tokens (ERC-721 NFTs) built on Ethereum blockchain Network. You can check our contract here : https://etherscan.io/token/0xc1def47cf1e15ee8c2a92f4e0e968372880d18d1


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