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What is Chainmonsters?

Chainmonsters is a massive multiplayer online RPG where you catch, battle, trade, explore, and combine different types of monsters to counter your opponents.
Gameplay centers around a new and improved battle system, the cross-platform multiplayer which allows you to connect with your friends and venture across the game world Ancora together.
Chainmonsters is the beautiful marriage of our favourite Gameboy and SNES videogames connected with realtime multiplayer and a high-bit Studio Ghibli inspired art style!
Taking inspiration from classic monster catching RPGs, we have added unique twists and mechanics that improve the genre experience and thanks to Flow Blockchain integration, make your progress, Chainmons, items and inventory fully available on blockchain.

  •  Massive multiplayer - allows you to join your friends on an epic journey and complete quests and dungeons together.
  •  Cross-Platform Play - works across Steam, iOS, Android (and consoles)
  •  Catch over 135 unique Chainmons - with diverse traits, types and abilities. Combine into multiple Squads for various occassions.
  •  Story-based campaign - Join the N-Corp agents and discover the cause of mysterious anomalies that are affecting the whole continent.
  •  Dungeons and Raids - to challenge those that are eager to dive deep into the world and defeat special Raid bosses.
  •  Dynamic day/night cycle - that alter the visuals but also gameplay elements.
  •  Flow blockchain integration - Every Chainmon, item and ccosmetic can be traded both inside and outside the game itself. YOU are in full control of your inventory!
  •  Full Customization - allows you to truly become your avatar and gain access to more cosmetics over time.


Key Features


Ancora is divided into 8 islands, each with their own unique style, twists and mechanics

Luckily each N-Corp Agent has a fast travel system in their backpack that allows you to teleport to previously visited places and friends anytime!

The Abyss

A large crystallized structure is placed inside the middle of Ancora. It illuminates the whole area and legends are told that there used to be a way deep inside it into the world's crust. Anomalies are appearing everywhere!


Far across the sea lays the Firelands - what used to be an inhabitable area has been taken over by especially exotic Chainmons that can wield the power of the flames like no other.


Battles are impactful and follow the rules of easy to learn, hard to master.

Assembling the right squad using a mix of specialists and other archetypes gives you an advantage in the competitive scene.

Prepare your next move carefully in turn-based battles and always keep an eye out for status effects and your resources!


Ability Points

Similar to other stats, each Chainmon has Ability Points - APs - that are used in battle.


Each ability comes with a cost and once your APs are depleted, you need to rest for a turn to recover. The recovery amount is influenced by other stats, traits and even items.


Environment effects

Depending on the battle arena, weather, day/night, location and special events battles can change. Some abilities affect environment conditions temporarily as well!




Player Driven Economy

The game is built with Flow blockchain integration that allows you to truly own your inventory and progress. Chainmons, items, cosmetics and rewards are all tokenized which enables you to trade those with other players directly in-game - or outside of it - YOU ARE IN CHARGE!


Playing during closed Alpha and Beta grants you our Pre-Season Pass which allows you to earn exclusive rewards while helping us test the game. 

You don't necessarily need to play in order to be eligible for most of those items, however we will host a Pre-Season Tournament and global events that require you to participate. Winners will receive prizes in the form of Voyager (1st), Collector (2nd) and Alpha Agent (3rd) among others. 


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