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A Player-Owned Economy Space MMO

Get ready to embark on an adventure through the cosmos! CSC is a casual space MMO with fast-paced combat, a robust player economy, and an uncapped crafting system. Players can travel to different star systems, mine stellar bodies for resources, craft items and ships to sell, battle pirates and other players while commanding their very own starship. CSC utilizes the Ethereum blockchain to secure game assets, enforce P2P contract actions, and run the game economy.

CSC is designed to facilitate all facets of Play-To-Own gaming. Are you a traditional gamer looking for a deeper, more immersive experience? Or gaming entrepreneur looking to grow and develop next-generation economies? All players can profit on their skill and wit with CSC’s player-owned asset design.

Asset management is enforced on the Ethereum blockchain, allowing for complex actions and trustless cooperation between players. By giving players free rein to influence nearly every aspect of gameplay, the universe truly becomes their own.

CSC is an open-world, sandbox-style space MMO that features a Play-to-Own Economy. Experience a free-market game economy for the first time with the ability to buy, sell, and trade without limits. Any items found, crafted, or earned in CSC can be moved freely both inside and outside of the game universe. Experience true ownership of your game assets.



Almost everything can be crafted in the CSC universe. At first, players will be limited to crafting modules, components, and starships. Future updates will include the ability for players to craft space stations, resource harvesters, and more.

The crafting system is uncapped, giving players the ability to continually improve the quality of their crafted items. Specialization is encouraged and rewarded by the CSC crafting system, giving players the option to focus on a specific item or genre of items. By focusing their skills and efforts, players can create truly unique and valuable in-game items. The Galactic Federation (Lucid Sight) exists to provide new technology, initial seed items and the framework for improving and creating new items – the players themselves will dictate the course of the game by growing the economy and product base.

Deconstructing provides players with inherent knowledge of how to craft this item repeatedly, but the quality of the item will be dependant on the player’s knowledge of the item and relevant tech skills. Blueprints allow for perfect replicas, but quality is dependant on the knowledge of the player or NPC who drafted the blueprints. Trial and error does not guarantee a working product, and players will most likely end up with a low-quality items. However, sometimes the greatest discoveries are born from accidents…

Players can invest TIME to research higher tech levels of crafted items. Depending on a player’s skill set, different aspects of an item can be improved. The amount of crafting and research is dependant on the player’s access to workshops. Workshops can be on their ship or on a station. Ship workshops are free to use and have a limit on the amount of resources they can hold. Station workshops can be accessed remotely and have no storage limit, but they do charge a fee to use.

One exciting feature of CSC’s crafting system is the built-in royalty option. If a player discovers, improves, or invents an item in the CSC universe, they can earn a royalty on future sales of that item. When a player crafts any item, that item is forever branded with that player’s signature. The player can choose to encode in their signature an ongoing royalty rate for that item. The royalty rate is a percentage of the item’s sale amount paid to the player anytime the item is sold. This royalty rate applies at any trading post in the game universe.

Resources are spread throughout the universe, primarily distributed throughout asteroid belts but also found in rings, gas clouds, and planets. Discovery of resources will be achieved using a scanning mechanic, and once a resource is discovered, players in properly equipped ships can mine it until its depleted. Pools of resources will regenerate over time, and rare resources can be discovered as independent veins or inside common resource veins.

Refining resources requires the use of a station workshop. Workshops refine resources for a fee or percentage of ore which funds the Galactic Federation. The cost and time requirement to refine raw ore is affected by the player’s skill level. Packaging resources is free, other than Ethereum network gas costs. A packaged resource can be sold as a unit in the marketplace or traded with other players. Resource refining fees and ore percentages are values set by the station owner. Players have the opportunity to also become station owners and set their own ore and fee rates.


A Universe in Your Hands

The goal of CSC can be summed up in a single word – empowerment. By giving players free reign to influence nearly every aspect of gameplay, the universe truly becomes their own. Players will learn to master the mechanics of CSC and take the game’s economy into their own hands, empowering the player and creating a one-of-a-kind experience.

The galaxy is yours for the taking! Where does your destiny lie among the stars?


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