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What is Arenum?

Arenum is the evolution of mobile gaming and cryptocurrency which has a feature-rich ecosystem to attract players and engage them for the long term while providing rewarding incentives for developers and gamers alike. Arenum fuses internal publishing services, and an engine for player-versus-player tournaments as a service, into a unique metasystem existing on a layer above the games, integrated. Integration into Arenum’s metasystem is entirely autonomous and is seamlessly enabled through a powerful developer SDK. Arenum is not starting its journey anew - the service has been on the market since 2018 with a proven track record of 150,000 paying users.

Arenum is the next step in the evolution of web3, it incorporates a unique and exciting metaverse with NFT collecting and battling and leverages its competitive play-to-earn mechanics for any type of game on its roster; Arenum is the web3-powered matching engine for eSports.

Arenum is built from the ground up to reward both the players for their engagement in the games they play as well as the developers for the games they labor on. Arenum brings its asynchronous and synchronous PvP multiplayer solution which can be integrated into any game genre from MOBAs and Shooters to Puzzles and Match3s. Arenum is able to serve a massive variety of developers and player communities. The aforementioned issues of player retention that would normally have to be solved by the developers are instead taken care of by Arenum. Via the CrossGame exposure, Arenum is able to make marketing cheaper and insure the entire platform against ‘flash-in-the-pan’ games.

Arenum sits at a level above all of the games and is able to help direct the flow of players to new and existing games on the platform. On top of that, developers are also able to publish games via Arenum which provides developers a much better alternative to the currently available publishers on the market as games that come out of Arenum are going to have the support of the entire Arenum platform and everything that entails. Arenum’s additional meta-layer on top of the base game on the platform, which includes multiplayer, referral and reward systems, leagues, tournaments, and more, increases player retention significantly and opens the gateway for long term retention of many players and at the same time allows the developer to focus on building their games and make their systems exciting and enjoyable for players rather than having to worry about systems to specifically ensure player retention.
With Arenum supporting a game, players will never get bored as they’ll have growing access to a catalog of games published and cross advertised on Arenum, in addition to, the intense metagame and social network built into Arenum, there will be a long term draw for players to continue playing long after they’ve finished the original game.

Arenum Serves Developers and Players

Arenum’s tech is built of four main features

PvP multiplayer as a service is a collection of smart contracts and infrastructure that enable any game developer to integrate them into their games and get leaderboards, tournaments, leagues, referral and reward systems, and a deep metagame all in 1 tool.

Players can earn resources through tournaments to get NFT collectible animals, breed them to make more powerful creatures, and participate in PvP auto battles with a unique and powerful army of NFTs.^

A set of tools from the multiplayer SDK engine allowing the game developers to publish their games as a standalone product and perform one-click deployment of tournaments for instant monetization of influencer’s communities.^

Players use the marketplace to trade and acquire rare NFT animals which they can then merge together to level up and earn even more rare NFTs.

All games have access to the Arenum Multiplayer PvP SDK which they can integrate into their games in order to connect to the tournament engine. From there, influencers and sponsors are able to integrate their tournaments as well into the Arenum engine for whichever game they want to sponsor. Players select which games and tournaments they want to compete in and then betting markets are able to bid on the outcome of tournaments. The rewards of this metagame are the NFTs which can be collected, traded, and bought on the marketplace and then used to auto-battle for tokens and other rewards.

Setting up a tournament is a rather straightforward and streamlined process : 

1. The tournament creator sets up the tournament and the prize pool target size, and creating a tournament requires having the Arenum token staked

2. Gamers have to put up a token prize pool (that can be delegated) effectively depositing a fixed minimum contribution or a higher one. I

3. The amount contributed will define one's pro-rata allocation shall he or she be eligible (by e.g. winning the tournament). 750% of the total prize pool is distributed back across the winning players (or likewise, those who have satisfied more exotic criteria based on the in-game achievements).

4. Arenum receives 73% of the Prize pool for providing the platform

5. Game Devs must stake tokens for their game to be eligible for hosting tournaments. The stake can be delegated by the community or other interested parties. They are also eligible for the remaining 73% of the prize pool. I

6. When the games and tournaments are created by Arenum, the platform acts as both the tournament creator and publisher and earns rewards in the same manner as mentioned above.H

How Arenum Works


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