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What is Alien Worlds?

Alien Worlds is an NFT Metaverse where you can play with unique digital items (NFTs).

Staking: Players stake Trilium to planets to vote in the upcoming Planetary elections, as well as to increase the Planet’s reward pool

Planet DAOs: Participate in weekly elections for council candidates, submit proposals on how to distribute the planetary treasury or run for planetary council yourself.

Trade Game Cards: Players may select NFT game cards for their strategy on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and WAX, to be used for mining, fighting and missions.

Cross-chain bridge: Teleporting TLM between BSC, WAX, and Ethereum


There are six different levels of rarity for Digital Items in Alien Worlds. These are Abundant, Common, Rare, Epic, Legendary and Mythical.


There are also 4 different levels of shininess – Stone, Gold, Stardust, Antimatter and XDimension. Lower level items can be forged together to increase their shine and attributes, except in the case of XDimension NFT game cards which are only found by opening a rare pack.

Rarity & Shininess


Everyone is given a free shovel to begin with but it’s mining power is very limited. You might find other tools in your adventures around the Metaverse or, if you are very lucky you may find one while mining. Different tools have different strengths and weaknesses. For example, a Glavor Disc is good for finding NFTs and a Lucky Drill will mine much more efficiently than a Standard Drill. Note: you can use 3 tools at the same time.

Missions NFTs are earned by going on Missions in the metaverse. Missions NFTs have 3 variables: Crafting key (a value from A -> G in the alphabet); Boost power; Base power. These numbers can be read by smart contracts and you can participate in a game using Missions NFTs if you find one in the metaverse, or build your own!


Trilium (TLM)

Trilium is the cross chain ERC-20 / BEP-20 / WAX fungible token that connects the Metaverse and allows for the transfer of value and voting in Planet DAOs. Earn Trilium in the mining game and stake Trilium to a Planet DAO to vote in that Planet’s elections. 


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