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Aku is a character created by former MLB player turned artist, Micah Johnson, after hearing a young boy ask, “Can astronauts be black?”



Aku is one of the world’s first-ever digital explorers whose confidence and ingenuity have him on a mission to prove that no dream is too big and no obstacle is too large

Aku was released to the world on Feb 21, 2021 as an NFT in the form of an animated video

This animation was Chapter 1 of what is now a 10 Chapter Series that collectively lay the foundation of Aku’s world (aka the Akuverse)


What is a Moon God?

Moon Gods are Aku Chapter collectors who own all 10 unique Chapters (or 1 of the 10 physical statues from Genesis.001). Due to Chapter 3 being the bottleneck of the Chapters (lowest number minted, with a mint of 570), there can only ever be 570 Moon Gods. Moon Gods carry special responsibility – as well as accompanying exclusive benefits and access – within the Akuverse.

Akutars are the next part of the Aku movement. Akutars are a collection of 15,000 unique, 3D avatars that dropped in April 2022 on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Akutar provides entry into the ever-expanding Akuverse, where lines are blurred between the digital and physical worlds. Akutar owners have exclusive access to culture-defining experiences, products, and collaborations.

What are Akutars?

How do I buy an Aku NFT?

  • Akutars: available on OpenSea and LooksRare
  • Chapter 1: Genesis.001 (Edition Supply: 1402 Date Minted: February 21, 2021) available on Nifty Gateway and OpenSea
  • Chapter 2: Welcome to Aku World (Edition Supply: 706 Date Minted: April 18, 2021) available on Nifty Gateway and OpenSea
  • Chapter 3: Escape (Edition Supply: 570 Date Minted: August 1, 2021) available on NiftyGateway and OpenSea
  • Chapter 4: Aku x Ady (Edition Supply: 1024 Date Minted: August 2021) available on NiftyGateway and OpenSea
  • Chapter 5: Glitch (Edition Supply: 1931 Date Minted: October 17, 2021) available on Nifty Gateway and OpenSea
  • Chapter 6: Home (Edition Supply: 1854 Date Minted: November 26, 2021) available on Nifty Gateway and OpenSea
  • Chapter 7: Candle (Edition Supply: 2042 Date Minted: December 19, 2021) available on Nifty Gateway and OpenSea
  • Chapter 8: Origin (Edition Supply: 2316 Date Minted: January 19, 2022) available on Nifty Gateway and OpenSea
  • Chapter 9: Mission (Edition Supply: 1846 Date Minted: January 30, 2022) available on Nifty Gateway and OpenSea
  • Chapter 10: The Finale (Edition Supply: 1744 Date Minted: January 21, 2022) available on Nifty Gateway and OpenSea
  • Aku's New Friend (airdropped to Discord members who voted on traits for Aku's newfriend Ady)
  • Aku x Christies ("Hi, my name is...") available on OpenSea: the unveiling of the newest character in the Aku story. The character’s main traits were created with the help of the Aku community, and this Christie’s collaboration concludes by giving final control to the owner of the work. This programmable NFT enables the collector to ultimately decide if and/or when to remove the character's helmet to reveal their identity – and to name the character. Furthermore, because of it's programmability, this work changes every hour to reflect the rising and setting of the sun, symbolizing the determination it takes to achieve our dreams. The winning bidder named Aku's new friend after his daughter Ady
  • Aku x International Space Station (“Aku: Why Not Me?”) available on OpenSea: billed as the first piece of NFT artwork to travel to Space. The single piece went on sale on August 10, 2021 via NFT marketplace Notables.
  • Aku TIMEPiece ("Representation") available on OpenSea: launched in September 2021,TIMEPieces is TIME brand's evolution into web3 and this collection is the original, Genesis Drop - to which Micah contributed.
  • Raf Grassetti x Aku (“Aku.Generations”) available on OpenSea: a 3D sculpture collaboration between Raf Grassetti and Micah Johnson’s Aku for Aku World: Miami 2021.
  • Pranksy NFT Box (“Pre-Aku”) available on OpenSea: Micah’s contribution to Pranksy's November 2021 NFT Box: "Dreams", where Micah was the headlining artist.
  • Pranksy NFT Box (Sandbox x Aku “Lucidity”) available on OpenSea: Sandbox's contribution to Pranksy's November 2021 NFT Box: "Dreams", inspired by headlining artist: Micah Johnson.
  • Aku x Artifex available on OpenSea: Artifex’s 3D Sculpture of Becoming Aku by Micah Johnson
  • Aku World: Miami 2021 Personal Avatars: attendees at Aku’s inaugural Art Basel exhibition had the opportunity to mint 3D avatars of themselves set in one of Aku’s worlds
  • Aku World: Miami 2021 Easter Egg NFTs: attendees at Aku’s inaugural Art Basel exhibition participated in a scavenger hunt of NFTs that randomly appeared throughout the space over 3 days


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